We got the world’s best recipe for chocolate frosting a couple years ago watching Martha Stewart — at the time the only other thing we regularly watched was an infomercial for alumalloy. It consists of melting semi-sweet chocolate in unwhipped whipping cream, adding chocolate or whipping cream until it’s about the consistency of thick pudding, letting it cool just a tad and pouring/spreading it over the cake and refrigerating. It has been a huge hit every time I’ve made it.  It’s possible to decorate with fresh strawberry slices which has been a huge hit with everyone but Ruben.

A handy thing to do with frozen peas is to wait until the chicken or beef/gravy or whatever meat dish you are making for dinner is finished, turn the heat down, scooch the meat over or remove it from the pan and throw in the peas. Cover and let it sit for a couple minutes until they’re steamed in the tasty flavor of the meatiness. Add further salt and a tiny bit of butter if necessary.