This week I read and reread Psalm 66.  Though my experience of the kind of excruciating suffering it describes is limited, and though I feel I have little right to the vindication of God’s hearing and helping me, I know that this is my experience and my vindication in union with Christ.  In a very small way –perhaps like looking through a kaleidoscope and seeing the patterns in miniature coming into a certain focus –it has been my experience this past year.  When I read in verse 12 ‘yet you have brought us out to a place of abundance’, I couldn’t help thinking of God’s blessings to me in my kitchen.  I know that we are not to expect the ‘place of abundance’ to be ultimate anywhere on this earth, where we are strangers and pilgrims.  All such places are to give us some idea of what we are journeying towards at last.  Yet God does give us places to rest, and ‘restores our souls’ on the way; and my kitchen is such a place.

Here are some pictures of it this morning, looking very pretty in the late morning sunlight, and beginning to look a lot like ‘home’.