Since Elizabeth is posting about cleaning supplies, I thought it appropriate to pass along this website that Mary recommended to me.

This link will show you how to make a simple laundry soap with just three ingredients. It is pretty simple and doesn’t require much time. I made a batch of the soap about a month ago, and I am just now starting to run out. Once you purchase the three ingredients, you will be able to make several batches before going back to the store. I think Mary said that they lasted her about a year. All of the necessary cleaners in the recipe only total about $7-$8. It is a very frugal way to get your cloths clean.

The three ingredients are soap of some kind(Ivory),borax(for whitening), and washing soda(deodorizer). As I said, we have been using the homemade soap for a month now and I have been quite pleased with it. I have to add a little extra borax and washing soda to Joshua’s diapers, but let’s face it the baby uses them for his commode!!:-)

The ingredients are also quite mild. They don’t seem to irritate anyone’s skin, which is a plus with us since we have eczema in our family.