I thought some of you with babies in diapers would want to try this out.  It might save a few dollars if you buy baby wipes. When bugs are going around, I like to  carry a zip loc bag in my purse with anti-bacterial hand wipes and also keep a container of handwipes in our car. A friend gave me this recipe for baby wipes.  I found some Bounty Select-a-size paper towels on sale for two dollars. Since I had all the other ingredients, I decided to try out this recipe. They work fine and seem as good as the store bought ones. I wonder if I should add some Clorox or alcohol to them to make them anti-bacterial?

1 roll of Bounty Select-a-size paper towels, cut in half (I used a long sharp knife)

1   3 qt. round Rubbermaid container

2 cups water

2 Tablespoons baby oil

2 Tablespoons baby wash

Put 1/2 of paper towel roll in Rubbermaid container.  Bring water,baby oil and baby wash to a boil.  Pour over paper towels, replace lid on container.  Let sit for 4 hours.  Remove cardboard core and first wipe. They’re ready to use.

recipe by Fran Norris