This happened this morning. I realized that hubby was coming home and the bathroom stunk, due to a dirty bowl! I thought, surely that there is something else I can use, besides bleach… So I went under my kitchen sink, which houses all the cleaners in the house, and picked up the PineSol. Flipped it over and, walla!, you can use it to clean your toilets, among many other things, not just floors. Now I have a spic-and-span white bowl in the bathroom.
I have found other things that work in place of window cleaner, and not just to make your own. Now this is tried and true, for I have tried it and found that it is true. A damp washcloth and a terry towel is all you need to make every window and mirror in the house look like they’re not there. Just rub the damp washcloth over the dirty mirror/window, then rub dry with the towel. Amazing, but it works and it’s dirt-cheap. (No pun intended. But the water will work there as well.)
As far as laundry stains, I love to use Shout, but I have found that other things work just as well, if not better and are cheaper than Shout. Greased Lightening, PineSol, Murphy’s Oil Soap (even the stuff that’s for wood floors) to name a few. Look on the back of your cleaners and I bet you will find a whole new menagerie (sp?) of stuff it will clean!
Just thought I would pass this bit of info on to you all. It might come in handy to know, especially when the pretty “throne” isn’t too pretty or that the glass and mirrors in your house remind you of the verse that speaks of “looking through a glass darkly”!