I’m now the proud mother of a dozen little chicks (aka diddles or widdies depending on where you live)! The tractor supply store  had a shipment of chicks that came in today at 10 a.m. We wanted to try a couple different kinds of chicks.  We got 6 New Hampshire pullets ( red), 3 Speckled Sussex pullets (brown), and 3 Buff Orpington (yellow), which might all be roosters. We wanted to have a rooster so if the hens go broody we can raise some chicks.  With the waterer, feed dish,  starter feed, heat lamp bulb, and chick grit, and my ten dollar off coupon,  it came to the grand total of 47.12.  We’re hoping to have our own eggs by fall.  I’m keeping them in my bathtub in a cardboard box under a heatlamp until it is warmer outside and then we’ll put them in our old rabbit pen with the heatlamp.

We used to keep  chickens, goats for milk and and sometimes  we kept a pig or a calf  for meat, raised on the goat milk.  I had to use a cream separater to get the cream and made butter. I also made a soft ricotta like cheese out of whole milk.  We had a pig two summers ago and loved having all that pork.  We gave her pig chop and scraps from the table.  She loved the Brandywine tomatoes  the best. The pig manure was a great fertilizer. It also gave us some volunteer Brandywine tomato plants last year.  We’re wanting to raise a bigger garden this year and the chickens will supply us with eggs and some good composted manure for the garden.