I was given a starter for Amish Friendship bread by a friend. It takes ten days from the time you get the 1 cup of starter until you can make the bread.  On day 6, you  add a cup of flour, sugar and milk to the starter.   On day 10, you use the finished starter in your recipe and replenish 1 cup of the starter with a cup of milk, sugar and flour to keep it working. It makes a sweet cinnamon bread that is addictive and delicious.

I  looked in Joy of Cooking about making sourdough bread and the recipe it has was very similar to the starter recipe I have except it calls for adding less sugar–1/2 cup  instead of 1 cup sugar. I  am in the process of making two loaves of sourdough french bread using the starter I have.  My Amish starter has more sugar, so I hope it will still work well for the french sourdough bread.  It has to rise overnight and then I’ll add the rest of the ingredients and  finish making the loaves tomorrow.

I thought it was odd that the Amish bread also calls for baking powder and baking soda and does not have it rise after adding the starter like you do with yeast bread. It goes right into the oven after mixing. It seemed sort of unnecessary to have the starter in  it.

Edited to add, I’ve since discovered that the starter since it is acidic is sometimes used in  recipes  like buttermilk.

Does anyone here have experience with making sourdough bread? If so, do you have any pointers to offer?