Just a housekeeping question that I wonder if any of the bright minds here have encountered and conquered in the past. I dutifully store my powdered dishwasher detergent in a space between the wall and refrigerator, not under the sink where I have read it tends to clump. I guess it has been humid enough here that this strategically chosen locale was still subject to humidity, and it has clumped terribly—still half full. (To exacerbate the agony, I paid full price for this detergent because when I was running low on the last box, I thought I had at least one more box stockpiled from the last sale—and lo, I did not.) If it was free I could maybe throw it out at this point, but it wasn’t, so is there anyway I can save the clumped up detergent—apart from ripping the box apart and dumping it into a new container where I can beat the clumps out myself? Many thanks in advance.

P.S. Oh yes, I have tried slamming the box repeatedly against solid surfaces. Only a few more grains of powder will trickle out after these raucous sessions.

Update: Thank you Heidi for the innovative suggestion to re-market the box as exercise equipment. I still could not bear the thought of consigning three-quarters of a 75-ounce box of detergent to such an inferior end (cleaning the dishes ranks higher than helping a fairly infrequent exerciser to shape up, in my opinion). I took a box cutter to it, dumped the contents in a large tupperware container, and hacked away at the colossal clump until it was gone. Now it’s usable! And I placed a large silica packet inside. We’ll see if that helps.