One of the things that has shaped my thinking over a year+ of marriage and homemaking is a story about the great preacher Al Martin’s mother, from his accounts a very godly and wise woman. He talked a bit about her in his testimony, and all of it was interesting, but he said she used to pray that God would place “holy blinders” over her eyes, to blind her to anything that would divert her from her duties as a wife, mother, and homemaker. I do not understand that to mean that she did nothing but what was directly related to her husband, children, and home—1 Timothy 5, for one, implicitly commands that Christian women use their singularly feminine gifts to care for those outside their biological families, especially those within the “household of faith”—but that she knew the allure of an independent, unrestricted, I’ll-do-what-I-please lifestyle, which has been around long before one particular manifestation of it (e.g., the radical feminism of the 60’s). She understood her great weakness in the face of that temptation, and was serious about seeking to please God through faithfulness in her calling, even when the grass looked greener elsewhere. I want that same kind of single-mindedness, and a distrust of my own supposedly altruistic diversions.