I am very thankful to Heidi for inviting me to post on “keeping house” and quite excited to join this lovely group of ladies. I have been reading, learning from and enjoying your posts and trust that I will be able to add a little to the mix.

I am thinking this evening, as I sit here enjoying the cool after a warm Spring day, that our very hot and humid Summer is just around the corner. This seems so strange when you are posting about Autumn and shopping for Winter clothes. Here in Central Queensland the heat becomes oppressive, we sit right on the Tropic of Capricorn! Even in our Winter it is so mild we never see snow and rarely need a second layer of clothes through a whole day.

So, I am contemplating CONTENTMENT….

As I brace myself for the inevitable heat, the humidity, the lethargy, the frustration of day after day, week after week without rain, I realize that one can begin to rail against God and His providence in such conditions. Complain. Whinge. Protest. I have often fallen into an obsession with the weather and what it will or more so won’t allow me to do.

Does the cold produce this faithless response as well?

Let’s uplift one another in facing the oncoming challenges with temperature. Encourage one another to keep running the race, keeping our eye and heart set upon the goal! I want so much to focus on what I can accomplish and not what I am missing out on.

Some Reasons to Love this HOT climate…(or let’s play the Pollyanna Game!)

I’m glad we have about 15 hours of sunlight per day in Summer.

I’m glad we have about 360 fine days per year.

I’m extremely glad that the beach is only 40 minutes away. Phew!

I’m glad I can make great savings on the cost of running a clothe’s dryer. Clothes dry in unbelievably quick time. (Be careful not to leave them out as the sun can really fade them quickly too!)

I’m glad that the Public Library, Supermarkets have Air Con and we use it A LOT.

“…But Godliness with contentment is great gain.”