Platonically but sincerely,

So I made a 100% whole wheat bread today from Artisan Breads Everyday, and it is fabulous. I never thought I would say that. I used a white whole wheat flour from Trader Joe’s (many people speculate that their house brand, at $2.99/5 lbs, is milled by the same people who provide the same flour for King Arthur Flour, who charge upwards of $5/5 lbs). White whole wheat, according to Reinhart, is “slightly less bitter” than traditional, or red whole wheat. I think he understates the matter. A few years ago I tried a whole wheat bread and it rose like a brick and tasted not much better. I haven’t had the courage to try again until now. This bread tastes great in its own right. As a 100% whole wheat bread, it is miraculous. And I am told that using a bit of vital wheat gluten will make it rise better and have a more open crumb. I would be content to eat this bread as it is for the rest of my days, but I have to say I am curious how much better it could get with that ingredient, so I am now on a quest to find it.