You’ll notice that I published this post under kitchen because that’s where this memorable dialogue took place!

The kids and I were having leftover tacos, from last night’s dinner, for our lunch today.  We ended up running out of the meat filling, but, the kids were still hungry.  But, we also had some leftover beans and rice.  So, I told the kids that they could put the beans and rice on their taco shells and add their topping to that.  Andrew, our oldest, was quite excited with this idea.  After reloading his plate, he said, “This is a feast!  It’s like feeding the tacos to the five thousand!”  To make it even better, he clarified, “What I mean is that we eat like we’re five thousand people.”

I’m often surprised at the funny things that kids come up with.  And, sometimes embarrassed too, when the say the wrong thing at the wrong time.  But, I thought I would share this with you while it was fresh in my mind and see if any of you had any similar stories that you would like to share?