A legal source for the real Actifed in the USA!

A legal source for the real Actifed in the USA!

We love living in the country but one drawback is that my husband suffers from hay fever this time of year when the ragweed is in its glory. The most effective over the counter medicine he has used is Actifed Cold and Allergy. The original formula was made with a pseudoephedrine/triprolidine combination. Unfortunately, I heard that it was taken off the market awhile ago because drug dealers were using the original formula to make crystal meth. They replaced it with another over the counter Actifed formula that doesn’t work at all for my husband.  I used to be able to buy the generic Actifed at Dollar General Store for a dollar or two.

I was happy to find a place to buy it in Canada so I ordered some from Canada Drugs first in 2010.  The second order I got was shipped from Turkey.  When I tried to order again last year,  it was no longer available at their site. I searched the web again  trying to find somewhere else to buy it and was so happy to find out that it is still available in the USA at Walgreens!  It is their generic brand called Wal-Act.  It is kept behind the counter but a prescription is not needed. I had to show them my photo ID and sign an agreement at the pharmacy in order to purchase it, but was so glad to be able to find some locally.

There are warnings for those with high blood pressure and for those with other medical problems so read up on it and be aware of the risks before taking it.

Edited to update on March 16, 2013:

The comments that follow were responses to my original post from  October 2010 after I ordered the first time from Canada Drugs.