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I spent some time in the backyard Sunday to maintain a garden area the dear old lady who lived here before me must have planted with great care. Our house was built in the 30s and the backyard comes alive every spring with flowers and bushes and plants… bigger and brighter every year. I’m attempting to grow a green thumb… hoping it’s an acquired interest. My mother in law gave me great help this Sunday. I learned about ground coverings (I dislike the plant/mulch/plant look) and transplanting lilies. Here are some pictures.

My wild irish rose… bushes. I have four like this throughout my back yard. This is my only red rose bush and they always make me smile. They will not be tamed to grow in any orderly fashion, and I love them for it.

Begonias and impatiens spread well in the shade, as well as these viney ground coverings… There was also room in the arrangement for one gerber daisy, right in front of the tree. Hopefully all this will grow in quite nicely and the transplanted lilies will stop looking so weary from their journey. What you can’t see in the picture (because it’s looming over me) is a giant lilac tree that is so full this year it’s almost touching the ground. it creates a little cove, but of course not much can really grow in a cove. We’ll see if the impatiens can stick it out. :)

The moral of the story is, if you need help with your flower garden, don’t ask me… water my budding green thumb with your knowledge. :) I’m interested to hear about your flower gardens or vegetable gardens as well… what you enjoy planting most. I have found I greatly enjoy digging in the dirt… quite therapeutic. It’s also nice to think of taking care to preserve something of what this dear old lady left behind, a bit of her joy becoming mine.

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