I’m not sure if I should be amazed or if I had a duh moment..

When I was done washing the dishes the other day I put my sponge in the window sill for some reason or another and when I got back to it later or the next day it didn’t smell. I thought “well, that’s interesting, it usually smells funny until I put soap on it”. When I was done that time I put it where I usually do, on the back of the sink. It smelled, as usual. So I put it up in the window sill again and no smell. So I conclude that the sun has the same effects on my sponge as everything else, it disinfects. :)

I also recently put a clothes line up to hang my laundry on, the weather is still really good here, so the towels are pretty much dry in under two hours, and, I conclude from my previous paragraph, disinfected. I wonder how many people still use a clothes line. Do you have problems with the clothes coming off all stiff? So far only regular cotton tee shirts and the socks seem to be stiff, everything else is soft. Any ideas as to what causes them to get stiff?

Oh, and I LOVE being a wife …in case any one was wondering ;)