Meet the Authors:

Laura: Titus 2 and 1 Timothy 5 have been formative summaries for me of a Christian woman’s calling; through the steady work of the Holy Spirit they caused me (and still do) to be more thoughtful about my priorities before God. I’m honored now to be making a home for my husband, which is about as fulfilling as I imagine any vocation could be. I’m here to learn more about homemaking and to share what my (limited) experience has taught me.

Nikkita: I’m a recent college graduate going on to pursue my Ph.d in Political Science this fall. While I enjoy the study and analysis of group political behavior, I love the study of God’s word more. For 2 years I was involved with a campus ministry started by a local PCA church. I hope to continue my service in ministry during grad school with Reformed University Fellowship. My ultimate goal is to serve the Lord and hopefully that includes my highest desire of being a wife and mother. I hope that I can contribute what gift the Lord has given me as well as learn humbly from the wisdom of these godly ladies.

virginiasusan (Susan W.): I’m 52 and have been married to my artist-husband Bill for 33 years . We live in the Virginia mountains with our dog Rosa. Our two sons Josh 28 and Sean, 26 are grown. One lives in Louisville, Kentucky and the other one lives outside of Boston. We have a little girl named Sarah who died in November 2008 at 8 months, soon before she was to be born. We’re longing to meet her one day.

lucricausa (Christy): Married five years to the strong, silent type. My husband works for the government and I for a large international corporation. We have no relatable mold-fitting lifestyle (except that perhaps of a military family) given our time together is dictated by his job’s demands. I have recurrent miscarriage, and while I apologize for oversharing, it is *they are* a compelling force to recognizing my true identity before the Lord, and a spurring-on to honor this stirring of emotions by short-lived motherhood. We do hope to adopt very very soon. In the past year especially I’m thankful to have learned not just how to “manage”, but to enjoy a rich life filled with interests and connections stemming directly from God’s providence, an every-day comforting goodness I doubt I truly sensed prior. I’m very happy to connect in a positive, edifying forum with so many women who see their calling in caring for their families- and beauty in the every-day.

countrylane (Anne): My wonderful part of me and I have been married for 14 years, this past July. Through the years, it’s been quite a journey. We farmed for the first 5 years, though my husband for longer than that before we were married. Then the children started coming and finances the way they were, we knew the Lord didn’t want us to farm any longer. So, with me at home to care for our growing family, Joe started driving a truck for a local family-run business. Last year, we bought a vehicle consisting of 10 wheels and now he’s on the road a lot during the week. Not what we had envisioned when we married, but it’s the Lord’s will for us for now. He always has a different plan than we do, isn’t that the truth? About 4 years after #1 son came, we had another surprise. Twins! So we have 3 very active, healthy boys. I stay home to take care of the house, yard, garden and teach the boys “book-larnin” and about the Lord. I would say that I do my best, but that isn’t good enough, so each day I must ask for His wisdom and patience that exceeds far beyond myself. And not just patience with the boys, but also with my shortcomings (which are many). I have learned, through the hard way at times, that God’s timing is PERFECT timing. And it’s the waiting that is sometimes very hard. We need to learn to WAIT on the Lord. Thanks for allowing me to join. I feel I am in the presence of mighty women here and hope to not show too much of how incompetent I am at being the virtuous woman. But with God’s help and strength, He is perfecting me. He promised! :)

eworpell (Elizabeth):



Mengmom (Denise) My husband and I have been married for nine years now. I have stayed home for about eight of them. Our first child was born about a year and a half after we were married and we have had another addition every two years since then. We are now totaling four blessings and looking forward to more, if the Lord wills. I thoroughly enjoy being a stay at home mom and housewife. Before I came to the Lord I was very independent and head strong. Now that I have had my heart renewed, I feel blessed to be under the protection and covering of my husband. I can truly appreciate the Lord’s calling for women. I am not likely to post much because of the demands of caring for multiple small children all day, but I do enjoy taking a break now and then to read the posts of the other ladies in the forum, and add a quick comment when I can.



Heidi: I am sincerely pleased to be in such good company as my friends here, whose example and encouragement have been invaluable to me.

tjzartman is the nicest mother-in-law anyone could have, and a good friend. She is a splendid cook, a perfectly efficient housekeeper, a very tasteful decorator, and a very lovely Christian. She was added automatically when I invited her so I’m typing this up until/unless she wants to make use of this feature herself.

Ruby. I am a daughter, sister, wife, mother of four, grandmother (Mumma) of three, friend. I live in Central Queensland, Australia, in a small city, but was raised in and love the Australian Bush.  I confess I am not the most wonderful house keeper but I work at being a good home maker. I was graciously saved in my early 20s and now living “to glorify God and enjoy him forever!”