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Heidi, Denise, my trusted herbaphiles… do you know what the healing properties of chrysanthemum tea are purported to be? I’ve read that it is a stimulant and a relaxant and good for “rheumatism.” I’ve ordered some because I’m tired of chamomile and wanted something I could drink in the evenings after my day of oolong rebrewings. I ordered it from an outfit called cuppa, but I have to reserve bestowing accolades on this site until my order arrives.

It was kind of a quaint experience, in a jet-setty way. I placed my order and received a confirmation saying that my chrysanthemum buds would arrive in 7-25 days. I wrote back, casually asking where they were located, or at least where my order was actually shipping from, as I wasn’t sure from what point of the planet I am 25 days away. Nice Lisa wrote back saying my order was coming directly from Asia, by normal air parcel. I wrote back saying that was amazing, because when I was in China in 1987, there was no such thing as normal air anything. Air travel was paranormal at best. Of course, my tea could be coming from Singapore or Hong Kong or really anywhere, or even from modern-day China.

I have been able to get chrysanthemum-black tea bags locally, but not pure chrysanthemum buds. It will be fun to brew them. The chrysanthemum-black tea I have is wonderfully sweet, and the sweetness is entirely from the chrysanthemums. I just wanted to know as much as possible from anyone’s personal experience about chrysanthemum tea.

Anyway, cheers.


During this tea drinking weather, I thought it good to belatedly inform everyone that Lauren has a delightful post on the subject here.

Also, for your viewing pleasure, a picture of my foam indygo bus taking the inhabitants on a safari tour of my wooden elephant and giraffe teaspoons.

And a reminder that the best price I have found on bulk teas is Davidson’s, when you sign up for the “subscribe and save” option (15 percent off the listed price *and* free shipping).

(Also, Denise has a post about tea here, with a link in the comments to where she gets her herbal teas.)

PS.  Perhaps Ruby or Jillian will be able to provide information for our more international faction about where teas can be obtained inexpensively in the underworld er, Australia :-).

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