The events in this blog happened in May of this year. I am republishing them here from my blog because a similar thing has happened to us recently, which reminded me of God’s gracious provision and the blessing that brethren can and should be to one another.

One of the amazing blessings I have observed over the years is the way the Lord provides for his people…. sometimes in the most unexpected ways! We’ve all heard stories of money/ food /clothing, desperately needed, turning up, seemingly out of the blue. “Our God shall supply all our needs…”

This week, we had one such chain of events, though minor, which reminded us of God’s gracious provision for us and the way he attends to even the least of our needs. And how our good deeds and blessings are “paid forward”, so to speak.

A friendly neighbour, who often drops in home grown produce, sent a pile of pineapples over early in the day, which we really appreciated and we decided to pass them around.

Now some elderly friends have been really struggling with poor health, adult children and grandchildren problems and generally coping with everything. When hubby returned from a visit there in the morning he suggested I go over to help in the afternoon. I took our (already prepared) chicken casserole dinner over, both of us feeling we could manage without it that night and have a “scratch” tea. I spent a lovely few hours both doing chores and visiting. What a blessing these aged saints are and have been to us. I came home refreshed, though concerned for their plight.

We ate our basic evening meal and I was surprised as I did the dishes to receive a call from a dear friend. Could they call round briefly? Of course, that would be lovely! (But secretly I’m thinking – this is unusual?) Now these friends have had a very difficult year. Hubby, who is self employed, has been off work for 4 months, had an operation, and will be off a few months yet. I was wondering, are they okay?

When they arrived they came bearing several kilos of steak, sausages and mince!!

During their period of hardship many have given “care packages” to their large family and this day they had been generously given a large meat order. They in turn felt led to share some of this bounty with us!!
Marvellous provision indeed!
And we’ve all really enjoyed the pineapples!